Why digital print

Digital print offers these advantages:

Speed of turnaround.

Proof of final job at minimal additional cost.

Economic for short runs avoid the need to print large quantities to achieve reasonable unit costs. Print the quantity you need when you need it, ensuring information is up to date and relevant. Use digital print to test out publishing, marketing and packaging concepts, before committing to full production.

Personalisation and variation use your customer database to address each individual customer with an offer that suits them. Text, graphics and pictures can be changed to create customised mailers/brochures/newsletters/packages for specific target audiences.

Print on “Nevertear” paper and board a plastic substrate, which is both waterproof and highly durable.

Collate on press the ability to collate the complete job as it is printed, a benefit often overlooked. With our Ricoh C9100 we also have the ability to mix up to 4 different stocks (up to 100gsm variation) This feature saves cost and time over collation after printing, as well as avoiding the chance of mis-collation.